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AGM Notification

* 6 April, 2020
* Rescheduled meeting- 13 April 2020
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Dear Colleagues, 

Nomads, The South African Society of Endodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry (SASEAD) is more than just Dentistry!
Wanting to personally write this as the world is changing and so is Nomads (SASEAD). Nomads is less about Dentistry and more about you the Dental Professional.
For too long, many of us attended conferences for CPD, the odd party and that it’s always good to see fellow colleagues, yes we want to keep all of those reasons, but Team Nomads took a long hard look at the industry and as a team decided we need to share more, care more and educate more.

There has (in my opinion) never been a better time to be a GP Dentist or a specialist.
Modern technology and treatments that were once only for the high-end  practices,   are now available to the  general Dental Profession.  This opens up not only revenue for your practice, but the passion for dentistry, great oral stability and health for our patients.
So here is what Nomads is about in the modern day

  1. Tools to improve your education and clinical skills
    With so much on offer today, many of us don’t know where to look and what to trust or believe in. It’s why this Nomads at our 20 year anniversary, have made sure to secure some of the top International and local speakers, lectures and hands-on sessions.
  1. Tools to empower clinicians to optimise cost effectiveness in their practice
    The digital world isn’t coming, it’s already here, no longer are international trends five or so years ahead of South African Professionals, they are on our doorstep, we can see the adoption curve speeding up, but not quick enough. There are treatments, software packages for practice management and treatment planning that will enhance your practice, not only in its bottom line, but also in patient care, acceptance and efficiency. Imagine less work, more time and happier patients….
    From our speakers to exhibitors and key sponsors, we believe we have put under one roof, the tools, knowledge and access to help make you a proud successful professional.
  1. Enthusiasm for the practice of Dentistry
    I stated earlier in this letter, that I believe it’s an amazing time to be a dental professional, Enthusiasm not only from the profession is growing as technologies keep expanding and improving our abilities, but the world, South Africa included, is starting to realise the value of a healthy smile, thanks to Social Media, smiling has never been more popular.

    This conference is about embracing what is already here, many South Africans are looking at what’s happening at an international level with smiling and are asking for South African professionals to keep pace.

  2. To encourage pride and ethics in Dentistry
    South Africa is an amazing country, we have one of the world’s most diverse populations. With that comes many different perspectives and opinions, but what remains constant is being and doing good.

    Often overlooked as a 5 CPB points a year requirement, we embracing and taking the opportunity to highlight ethics, did you know you get care and justice based ethical people.

    I encourage you to take the SmileCademy Ethics course online. You may be surprised to learn about ethics in a whole new way, just as I was. 
  1. Cutting edge technology with the health care professional to conform with international trends
    We all know, that as South African doctors, many of us are slow to embrace the new, we are generally stuck in insight, look at plain sight and don’t really embrace foresight, which leads us to oversight.

    In summary, technology is changing the way the whole world moves, as
    professionals, we often to busy treating patients to gain and embrace foresight. The Nomads team have made sure to have relevant sponsors, speakers and content, I’d especially like to mention a speaker we have secured in – Mark Sham, he will be sharing with us how quickly the world is moving as well as understanding digital marketing.

  2. Encouraging the development and clinical confidence of the young dental professional
    Something close to my heart, as this country loses more and more talent to immigration. We are losing skill in both young and old professionals, I feel that the two should work hand in hand in South Africa.

    The Older generation has so much to share, not only clinical knowledge, but many of us have bumped our heads in practice management and general life. Saying that, we still have much to learn.

    The younger professionals grasp technology and embrace change so quickly as technology has truly been a big part of their generation, but could do with mentors, guidance in clinical aspects as well as their practice and personal life.

    If you are an older professional reading this, reach out at the conference to a younger professional, you will be surprised at how much they would appreciate the guidance, you will also be pleasantly surprised by how much they can teach you about the modern world.

    Nomads (SASEAD) believe so strong in the future of the newly qualified professional that we have made a special registration fee for the group that qualified from 2014 onwards.

Over the course of the next 2 months, we will be sharing information with you about YOUR conference with the main focus this on Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology. Hoping you enjoy reading the content as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Nomads 20th year Anniversary Conference.
Peet Van der Vyver